Task shifting and home care

Task shifting, which involves the transfer of work from regulated health care professionals to home care workers, is a strategy to ensure the efficient delivery of home care services in Canada and internationally. Led by Margaret Denton and Isik Zeytinoglu, this project explored task shifting in Ontario from the perspectives of home care workers and their supervisors, as well as nurses and therapists. We found that task shifting presents new challenges and opportunities for home care workers’ skills and workplace autonomy, and for the quality of care provided to older people.


Barken, R., Denton, M., Brookman, C., Zeytinoglu, I., & Plenderleith, J. (2015). Home Care Workers’ Skills in the Context of Task Shifting: Complexities in Care WorkCanadian Review of Sociology 52(3), 289-309.

Denton, M., Zeytinoglu, I., Brookman, C., Plenderleith, J., & Barken, R. (2015). Task Shifting in the Provision of Home and Social Care: Implications for Quality of CareHealth & Social Care in the Community, 23(5), 485-492.